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To become a private member please read the following membership agreement and download a copy to sign. If you are unable to download, membership agreements are available at the theatre. ID is required when submitting membership agreement.


The Ridge Film House Private Members Association

I _____________________________ (name) here by declare that I am not a person working in a public capacity but rather a private man/woman who desires to join this film association for my personal enjoyment. By signing this membership agreement I acknowledge that any use of the theatre facilities is done so at my own risk and the risk of my guests and will not seek liability toward the theatre owners or any other members.

I wish to become a member of the club paying the fee of $1.00. This membership does not expire. The Ridge Film House does reserve the right to revoke memberships under certain circumstances that a member has not acted honourably in regards to this contract.


By becoming a member, I agree to bring any grievances up to the owners and will not involve any Public entity.


Sincerely and Without Prejudice,

___________________________________________ (sign) ________________________ (date)

EMAIL ADDRESS:_______________________


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